Songtext: Wheel of fortune

  1. Der Songtext: "Wheel of fortune"

    Dressed in tuxedos and black ball robes late at night
    armed with hopes and bills and ready for the fight
    temperature’s rising, expectations do the same
    modern warriors for fortune and for fame

    clinging to their fates with empty eyes
    not knowing they will have to pay the price

    Life is a wheel of fortune, it’s spinning ‚round and ‚round,
    don’t ever place your bet too soon
    you never know what’s waiting for you on higher ground
    will it be luck, will it be ruin?

    Adrenaline is purging, nerves are all on edge,
    „Tonight I’ll make it!“ is their monotonous pledge
    trying to reach the stars and make some dreams come true
    ending all the same, busted, broke and blue

    they are getting closer to the sheer
    and fall is not the biggest of their fear

    Life is a wheel of fortune and time is fading fast
    you can’t return to where you start
    you’ll have to face the truth that nothing’s made to last
    you’ll have to keep the highest card

    Life is a wheel of fortune and one thing is a fact
    there is no luck in someone’s jones
    and if you’re eager and you feel this damn‘ attract
    you’ll soon be bitter to the bones

    Life is a wheel of fortune, it always takes its price
    you’re no exception to the rule
    luck is a moody bitch,  so take this good advice
    just turn back or stay a fool

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Titel: Wheel of fortune
Veröffentlicht: 29. Juli 2011
Musik: Wolfgang Preskewitz
Songtext: André R. Kohl

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